Welcome to Make-Believe Cottage!

My cottage is make-believe on two levels. First – I don’t live in a cottage. I don’t live in a bungalow, farmhouse or cabin. I live in a circa-1969 mobile home in a mobile home park. Second – I love fairytales, history and magic. In other words, I still play at make-believe.

I’ve lived here for mumble-mumble years, but last week I decided NOW was the time to make some major changes and create the home I want. And not just a place to keep all my books and my computers… And if you’re doing renovation and redecoration, you have to blog it, right?

As FlyLady says, You Can’t Organize Clutter. And have I got clutter! Books and crafting stuff and… stuff. But I’ve started using the KonMari method (yes, more name-dropping<g>) and I see the clear light at the end of the emptied tunnel. Which means I can start thinking, planning and scheduling changes!

My goal is a cottage that might belong to a wizard, a place where she can work, play and entertain. Comfortable, pretty, with a pair of small dragons curled up beneath a side table that holds three candles and a small pumpkin-and-fall-leaves arrangement. Mostly cottage style plus vintage, bohemian and romantic country. With gryphons.