Room Plans

Cottage Kitchen – Fandom Plan

So, if I’m all about adding touches of Fandom to home decor – what are my plans for the Kitchen?

At the moment, I’ve got three Make-Believe elements in mind.

First, the curtain under the sink. My plan is to design my own toile pattern (here are red toile samples via Google’s Image Search) and have it printed by Spoonflower. A lot of toile patterns focus on detailed scenes of country romance, but there’s also a style that involves a series of frames. I figure, between Dover Publications and The Graphics Fairy and other sources in my collection I can find half-a-dozen or so mythical beasts that look like a set. Gryphon, absolutely. Dragon, phoenix, then I’m not sure where to from there.

Second, a trio of prints to go on the wall between the counter and cabinets. (Or possibly on the wall over the door into the dining room. There’s not much wall space to speak of in this kitchen!) I’m leaning toward Tolkien quotes here. Thorin’s words to Bilbo: If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. And Pippin’s meal list from the Fellowship movie: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Supper. Still working on the third. Oh, alas, I shall have to re-read again…

Third, I have an odd, narrow panel on a lower cabinet that came about because the door isn’t as wide as the space behind it. It’s about 5 or 6 inches wide by the height of the cabinet. I’m picturing knotwork here, or possibly a Celtic beastie. Either a vinyl decal or stenciled. I have a Silhouette cutter so either one is an option. Plus there’s Dover and their stencils.

Now, I just have to finish clearing away and purging what’s accumulated in the last many years and get the project underway!

Cottage Kitchen – Rough Draft Plan

I’ve been looking at lots (and lots) of Cottage/Farmhouse/Vintage kitchens on blogs and Pinterest posts and magazines and books, and I’m starting to sort out the must-haves vs the not-thats vs the wouldn’t-that-be-wonderfuls. And comparing those lists to the size of my budget, my minimal DIY experience and the size of the room. (Good news! – my tool-using sister is on board as far as the counters are concerned!)

So – the Plan – in no particular order in each category.


  • remove 5 fluorescent lighting fixtures and replace with 2 pendant lights
  • add tops to currently open cabinets (where drop ceiling used to sit)
  • paint cabinets white
  • paint walls white
  • install Ikea butcherblock counters
  • replace green sink
  • do something with green floor – paint if necessary
  • remove short hanging wall or finish kitchen side
  • curtain under sink


  • new cabinet hardware – pewter or nickel or glass or white knobs and bin pulls
  • black and white tile floor
  • remove low counter in entry
  • new faucet
  • bead board backsplash
  • under counter lighting


  • tile behind stove
  • paint stove and hood white
  • camouflage dishwasher
  • crown molding on cabinets