Fandom Five

Fandom Five – The Kitchen

{Fandom Five is a series showcasing fannish decor by room, by item, by fandom, or by any other category I realize I can find five examples for.}

I have kitchens on my mind right now, so my first Fandom Five will be – kitchens!

The owners of these kitchens have expressed their fandoms in the full range of possibilities. Perhaps you’re not ready for a Tardis stand-in refrigerator. But maybe you could imagine adding a Tardis to your backsplash.

A plain, tall box – one you could swear was bigger on the inside the last time you had to clean it out – just calls out to become the Tardis. You can paint it (no really,) wrapped it in vinyl, or the artists at can help you with a custom-fit skin.

This one is probably not, technically, a fannish design – (although GoogleTranslate does say it’s Finnish.) But it’s easy to see how this window decoration could be adapted. The Tardis and all the Doctor’s regenerations? The crests of all the Houses from Game of Thrones? Bilbo and thirteen dwarves? And it has the advantage of being easily removable – if family politics would make that… politic.

When this Los Angeles cottage was built it was called Storybook Style. Now, of course, it’s recognized as a hobbit house. The curves, odd angles and astonishing details make this a labor of love – 24 years, in fact, by a Disney artist. If you have a vision for your home – make it a reality! (CNET article without a link to the original Craigslist “for rent” post.)

A subtle show of fannish affections – this crimson A stands for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. (That’s football. Actually, that’s FOOTBALL.) It’s bright, instantly recognizable by fellow fans, and pretty much permanent. If you’re sure your love is true, here’s how to declare it. (If your affections are more… variable, vinyl appliques might be a better choice.) I’m considering 4″ white tiles behind my stove so that I can change out decals.

Small kitchen, major statement. The owner of this small Italian apartment kitchen painted everything white and then let artist Marco Kooiman do his thing. Large surfaces in the kitchen – fridge, cabinets, ceiling – offer all kinds of opportunities for in-your-face fannish displays.